Ian Kelly's new single "Drinking Alone"

Could Drinking Alone be an autobiographical song? Perhaps. He took a moment to share with us that this life was once his: "Yes, it is a bit me a few years back. I stopped drinking seven years ago, but before that, I used to live in the Plateau where I’d go out ’til the break of dawn. I went through my partying phase, but I don’t regret any of it. Our good and bad actions make us who we are. I can now write about it because I’m happy to be the person I am today."

"I love the feel of this song. It was definitely a challenge to write on a sad subject and still keep a "feel good vibe" to the tune. When you’re drinking enough that you come to the point where you’re drinking alone, you may not be making the right choices in your life", says the singer-songwriter, who is presently in Europe, where, among other things, he performed at the renowned Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

With more than 10 000 units sold across Canada, Diamonds & Plastic will now be launched in Belgium September 26th. The event will take place at the FNAC store, at the heart of Brussels, where he and his band mates will be performing live as they did back in May, at Montreal’s Rialto, for the release of the album. For this release to happen, a lot of hard work and effort has been put towards this project. Ian Kelly has been to Belgium a lot this past year, and his perseverance has surely paid off.

"I feel so blessed to have people outside of Quebec listening to my music, he continues. We’ve worked hard for this to all come together. I did a lot of promo in Belgium this summer, giving performances on live television, national and regional interviews on French, English and German radio stations. No, I don’t speak German but the radio host would translate for me on the spot. Diamonds and Plastic will be distributed by Rough Trade, a company who plays a big role in the European market place! Everything that’s happening is really cool!"

On September 29th, Ian will be kicking off his Quebec tour at the Centre D’art La Chapelle à Vanier in Quebec City, for two nights. You can also catch him on Télé-Quebec’s « Belle et Bum » program on Saturday, October 1st.